Logitech UE ROLL 2 (984-000666/667/668/670/705) Портативна тонколона

Logitech UE ROLL 2 (984-000666/667/668/670/705) Портативна тонколона

221,00 лв
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Logitech Колонки Logitech Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 Sugarplum (984-000668)

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221,00 лв
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Звукова мощност 2 W
Audio In Да
USB връзка Да
Картов четец Не
Bluetooth  Да
NFC поддръжка  Не
DLNA съвместимост  Не
Работа от акумулатор 9 часа
Размер 13.5 x 13.5 x 4 см
Тегло 330 г

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Предлагаме ви Тонколони Logitech Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 Sugarplum на цена 204.76 лв. При поръчка на този продукт получавате БЕЗПЛАТНА ДОСТАВКА Доставката на този продукт е до 72 часа
Тонколони Logitech Ultimate Ears ROLL 2 Sugarplum
Let us impress you even more than we did with the original UE ROLL's sound. 15% more, to be exact. That's right. The incredibly loud pint-sized speaker just got louder.
More friends crash the party? Wirelessly Double Up with a second UE speaker and take your sound to a whole new level.
No speaker has the same versatility or unique portability that UE ROLL 2 does. Strap it to your bike, your board, your backpack, and it’ll still be there.
Whether you're biking, running trails, or making drink runs, you don't want to carry a heavy speaker. That's why UE ROLL 2 weighs just over half a pound. So light, you'll forget you're even carrying it.
You can drop it in the pool. Or, you can bungee it to the front of your kayak as you go over a waterfall in a monsoon with tunes blasting. No problem. Seriously.
UE ROLL 2 is durable enough to tag along on all your adventures. Take it to the snow, take it to the beach, take it to the mud. Take the party anywhere.
We understand the incredible importance of pool floats--that's why every UE ROLL 2 comes with a free inflatable floatie. Now while you're lounging on your giant inflatable swan, your UE ROLL 2 can float right beside you.
Your Bluetooth® speaker shouldn't have to always be right next to your phone. We increased the wireless range by over 50% from the original UE ROLL for that reason. Get some space!
With a battery life of up to 9 hours, you have no excuse to stop the party.
It doesn't stop getting better. Download the UE ROLL 2 APP for even more awesome features like Block Party and Remote On/Off, to name a few.

Гаранция: 24 месеца

Продукт известен още и като UE ROLL 2 984 000666 667 668 670 705, UEROLL2984000666667668670705, UE ROLL 2 (984 000666/667/668/670/705), UEROLL2984-000666667668670705, UE ROLL 2 (984-000666/667/668/670/ 705)


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